The Hammock Cloud Original

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To be comfortably enjoyed alone or shared! The hammock Cloud Original is ideal for reading a book, relaxing, browsing the net, working on your lap-top, or having a nap. Moreover, it is wonderful to share with a loved one! The hammock Cloud's ergonomic design ensures a healthy and comfortable sitting position, and is handcrafted to guarantee quality and durability. It is easy and safe to sit in and get out of, and its sitting position can be adapted to your personal level of comfort. The hammock Cloud Original can hold a maximum weight of 180kg. It is also available in Mini version for teens and adults of a height of less than 1.60m. For complete information about how to install, how to sit and how to take care of your hammock Cloud,  please refer to our "How to" videos

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Technical specifications

Fabric 100% cotton, twill weave
Rope Polyester
Tread 3 ply Polyester
Color AZO Free Certified Dyes – skin friendly
Size & Weight
Width 150 cm
Length: 300 cm
Product Weight: 1.5 kg
Weight Capacity: Max. 180 kg
Space Requirements
Minimum distance between the two rings: 250 cm
Maximum distance between the two rings: 300 cm
Height: 170 cm

Expert Opinion

A research for the optimal sitting position

"Sitting in a sound anatomic position is essential, since the strain put on the spine and its associated ligaments over time can lead to pain, deformity and chronic illness." says Dr. Bashir - Consultant MSK & Trauma Radiologist at the new Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre in Birmingham, U.K.

The hammock Cloud135 positive relaxing effect

 "As I experienced it, the use of the hammock Cloud135 has a real prevention potential, due to both body and mind relaxation effect!”, says Mrs. Ulli Neumüller - Physiotherapist specialised in Tuina, Austria.

The hammock Cloud135 positive relaxing effect The hammock Cloud135 positive relaxing effect


I appreciate very much the mini version of the hammock Cloud135. I am of a height of less than 1,60m and the Mini is just perfect for me!

Helene Riverin Canada

My wife and I are very satisfied with the purchased of the Cloud Original. It is easy to get in and out of the hammock and very comfortable either in reclining or sitting position (as neede).  It is worth the (not so low] price. Thanks again to Mr. Huber for the reliability.

Hager Johann Ötscherblickstr. 203671 Marbach

Great thing ! This hammock is very comfortable.

Blessing Franz

My wife Petra and I  bought a Cloud135 oOiginal and a solo a year ago. We are totally happy with both. We pend a lot of time in these hammocks whether for reading, sleeping or working on the lap-top. You can really relaxed in them without getting back pain. They  can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the hanging distance for  a more reading or working position. We use the Original outdoors and we have installed the Solo in the living room to  be able to enjoy and relax  in colder weather as well as in winter. This hammock design allows for a  level of comfort and relaxation of a quality never experienced  so far. Petra and Otmar Wabl

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