The hammock Cloud135 positive relaxing effect

“I will not explain here the positive effects of a 135-degree body-thigh sitting posture since it is already done in details in this website.  More info can also be found in articles related to the topic.  I rather want to point out a recurrent theme in my practice, the link between stress and spinal problems. Constant mental tension has the effect of increasing muscle tonus.  This rise of tension in the muscles directly connected to the skeleton results in an enduring increase of pressure on the intervertebral discs, causing pain” explain Neumüller.

“For a Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist, prevention is important. To my point of view, to ease existing pain is no more important than to maintain a pain-free state of being. In addition to more exercise and healthier diet, the use of a hammock Cloud135 can have a very positive relaxing effect in view of decreasing spinal related pain." declare Mrs. Neumüller.  

She concludes: “This unique and clever design meets all the requirements to ease and prevent pain. With the 135-degrees posture, less strain is placed on the spinal disks and associated muscles and tendons, thus protecting the spine. The hammock Cloud135 relaxed sitting position is perfect to read a book or just let your soul free... Both at home and in my luggage, the hammock Cloud135 has become a regular companion of mine !”