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Cloud Original “All Weather”

Weather resistant hammock made in Europe

The ALL WEATHER version of the Hammock Cloud Original offers comfort with an extra carefree edge! Forgot it out in the rain? No problems! It repels water, give it a shake and your hammock is  dry shortly after! No need to worry too much about sun either, the hammock Cloud Original ALL WEATHER  will retain its color for ages! Only minimal maintenance is required for this long life sturdy product. 

The secret is a high quality, high technology fabric which has a skin friendly feel and is breathable. Produced in Europe, this fabric offers exceptional combination of stand strength and functionality. It has a high color fastness to UV rays (7/8 on a scale of 8) and is guaranteed to stay beautiful for many years. Moreover, the fabric is water, oil, and dirt repellent, as well as mold resistant. 

Together with a Stainless Steel Hammock Stand, it is the Complete Hammock solution for a happy, comfortable and carefree time!

Please note: Hammock ALL WEATHER Cloud Original and Hammock Stand are sold separately.