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About Us

In our society we spend increasingly more time sitting. The resulting back problems affect our quality of life and well-being. I believe that with the hammock CLOUD135, I have developed something to counter this trend.

The story of CLOUD135 – From the idea to the product

My interest in hanging furniture comes from long nights in tropics spent in conventional hammocks. Chronic back issues due to previous working conditions made me ponder about hammock design and construction in regard with their function. Inspired by my passion for paragliding and noticing how the paraglider was shaped with strings of different length, I tried this approach to shape a hammock … it worked! And it felt so good and received such a positive feed-back that I decided to commercialize this design. The hammock CLOUD135 was born.

Produced in the tropics by my own company, our cotton line of products is imported and distributed in Europe by my Austrian company Die HängemattenManufaktur e.U.  Since 2021, we are producing the “All Weather” Cloud Original hammocks in Europe. Our products can be purchased through our website, or at Fairs & Garten Markets during our summer tour throughout Austria and Germany.

Please refer to the Calendar of Activities for more information about where to meet us next. You are also welcome to visit our atelier in Losenstein, Austria upon prior appointment.



Die HängemattenManufakture e.U. offers affordable, ergonomic hanging furniture designed to give a comfortable, healthy sitting position that helps alleviate or even prevent existing back problems. Through our website or directly during our product showcases in Summer Fairs & Garden Markets, we try to raise awareness of the need for a healthy sitting position and to present the benefits of CLOUD135 to the public. We understand well-being and quality as an all-encompassing concept. Through ongoing development, we strive to keep our products to the highest standard. We do our best to strike a balance between environmental protection, fair trade, human factors and good business. We want to enjoy our work and have good reason to be proud of our products.


Our hammocks are handcrafted and produced in limited edition. Quality control is optimal since we closely supervise all stages of the production. For best possible performance some of the raw materials used are synthetic but they are chosen with care, their use is minimal and we achieve close to zero waste. We carefully choose our suppliers, all middle-sized family-run companies settled in designated industrial areas and complying with labor laws. The most delicate part of the work, the assembling process (stringing work), we do by hand in our workshop.


To sum it up, I believe that the hammock CLOUD135 can be as good for you as it is for me. There are no other seats or armchairs into which I am so comfortable while sitting for extended periods of time. In the Cloud, I can work on my lap-top or read a book feeling totally relaxed.

A lot of effort and thought went into transforming the simple hammock as we know it into a truly ergonomic piece of furniture. It works wonders for my spine and I hope that you will be as satisfied with it as I am.

Andreas Huber