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How to care for and wash the CLOUD135 Ergonomic Hammock?


Having a nap, reading a book or cuddling together with a loved one are very different activities that require different positions. CLOUD135's sitting position is adjustable in a very simple way: one needs to increase or decrease the hanging distance between the two rings of the hammock. This is easily done when the hammock is hung to chains using carabiners or “S” hooks.

For a more upright position - Fasten the carabiner higher up on the chain and the back of the hammock rises. For a more reclined position - Fasten the carabiner lower down on the chain and the back of the hammock lowers.

It is as simple as that! Will the hammock still be at an angle of 135 degrees? No, this position is somewhere in between but the hammock will still nestle your body in a snug, comfortable and healthy manner!

For installation and maintenance instructions, check out all of our videos above.